Welcome back to Not Fine Just Dine

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the newly updated blog site.

This blog seems to undergo so many changes. It’s been a work in progress for almost 7 years and has evolved and changed in so many ways both in focus and appearance.

The year 2020 has seen the world undergo unprecedented, rapid change as globally we are all trying hard to cope with a widespread pandemic, the COVID-19 virus.

This far reaching unseen threat has seen countries close their borders to foreign visitors, impose lockdown on it’s communities, businesses close, stock markets crash and people lose their jobs.

Thousands of lives have been lost and naturally the population of the world is gripped in fear and anxiety.

Now more than ever, people are staying at home, observing social distancing and cancelling social gatherings. Panic buying has lead to shortages of food in our supermarkets.

This motivated me to re-visit the Not Fine Just Dine food blog. I have always maintained that the recipes on this blog are simplistic, adaptable and usually only require common resources.

With kitchen staples like flour and pasta becoming difficult to come by I realise that recipes like this are going to need to be more creative as commonly used ingredients are going to be in short supply.

I will be looking into my pantry and working hard to imagine new uses for the ingredients I have and provide you with recipes that you can adapt to suit your own resources and skills.

Expect some strange out-of-the-box ideas and creative meal solutions while we all learn to cope with this new world we live in.

As always though, you can look to this blog for food that is just good to eat, plain and simple. It’s my food philosophy and while I’ll stick by it during these difficult times, I hope it helps you through this ordeal.

In the meantime dear readers, stay calm, stay safe and I wish you all happiness and good health.

  • Helen