Crunchy French Toast

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The inspiration for this recipe came from the French toast sticks that were being served in McDonalds restaurants around certain parts of Australia for a time, a few years ago.

They were sweet and crunchy and served with an individual portion of maple syrup.

This promotional item is long gone but when I saw a recipe for deep fried French toast in a cookbook, I had to put my own spin on it.

The crunch in these French toast fingers comes from crushed up cornflakes which the eggy bread is coated in before being pan fried.

They look very similar to fish fingers only they don’t taste so reminiscent of the traditional, mid-week meal of my childhood.

 If you don’t want to cut the bread into fingers, you certainly don’t have to.

There’s no reason at all why you couldn’t leave the bread slices whole or cut them into triangles before soaking them in the egg and dunking them into the cornflakes.

Keep the heat low and have the butter and oil on the side to quickly add to the pan as it goes dry.

This will ensure that your French toast doesn’t burn because they do tend to cook very quickly.

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