Scrambled Eggs Salmon

Brunch Times

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but for me it’s also the most difficult one to come up with.

I usually get up much earlier than my family in order to prepare breakfast and lunches for my kids, get them ready for school and get myself ready for the day.

I get so caught up in the chaos that I often don’t get to eat breakfast until after 10am.

I suppose at this time of the day the meal would be called brunch.

I love how flexible brunch is as a meal; it could include anything from fruit, yoghurts, smoked salmon, cured meats and salads along with sizzling bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms and hash browns.

And let’s not forget the numerous possibilities for carbs like breads, cereals, bagels, crumpets, muffins and pastries.

Breakfast and brunch can be just about anything you want it to be.

I once walked past a Japanese restaurant offering a “Breakfast Special” which featured miso soup and rice.

It seems nothing’s off limits when it comes to the morning meal.

salmon soft boiled eggs cucumbers
Salmon gravlax with mustard and dill sauce, soft boiled egg and quick pickle cucumber salad

It’s perhaps the most inspiring meal of the day for me. It’s the kind of meal where I feel the most creatively free.

By brunch-time I’m too hungry to be satisfied with mere cereal and milk or buttered toast with jam; I need something more substantial and gratifying that won’t also have me feeling sluggish at the start of the day.

I do often experiment with ingredients and dishes to test different variations of this meal.

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to pick up 200g of salmon gravlax on special from Aldi for $7.00.

Salmon Gravlax is raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill and it’s usually served with a mustard and dill sauce.

Usually buying this much is expensive so getting it on special is a real treat.

200g is a lot for one person to get through so I’ve tried to include a few slices of this delicious delicacy in every brunch meal I’ve had this week.

Yesterday’s brunch offering included a few slices of salmon gravlax and mustard sauce served alongside a modest mound of creamy scrambled eggs, lightly seasoned with salt and topped with some dried dill.

It doesn’t sound like much but at 10am, in my ravenous state it was pure heaven.

The creamy, buttery scrambled eggs paired beautifully with the salty, sweet cured salmon and the mustard sauce finished every mouthful with sweetness and a gentle kick of heat.

Scrambled Eggs Salmon
Scrambled eggs, salmon gravlax with mustard and dill sauce

I’m always on the look out for a good brunch eatery.

My husband and I love ordering from the All Day Breakfast menu whenever we go out to eat.

I’m not sure why we’re so passionate about breakfast or why we’re always drawn to the breakfast menu when we go out to restaurants.

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that most of our “dates” have been over brunch just after the kids have been dropped off at school.

Brunch is usually when we take a moment regroup and focus on each other. Many a long discussion and fond memory have been created over brunch.

Over the years we’ve been both delighted and disappointed by the different brunch offerings on the market, so we’ve made it our mission to find the best places that deliver a breakfast that is both delicious and good value for money.

I will continue to post details of our pursuits on this blog.

Stay tuned for the best value breakfasts around.

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