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Brunch Time – Rashays Casual Dining Restaurant, Mt Druitt

So I mentioned in a previous post that I would be posting about my favourite brunch spots in the Western Sydney suburbs.

For my husband and I brunch is very important. It’s the only time of the day that we are alone without our kids and we use it as an opportunity to have our version of “date night”.

While a romantic atmosphere isn’t high on our list of priorities for a brunch spot, a quiet place for good conversation, serving decent food at a reasonable price is.

Rashays Casual Dining Restaurant

Address: Westfield Mt Druitt, Level 1, Cnr Luxford Road & Carlisle Avenue, Mt Druitt NSW 2770

This is where we go when we’re willing to treat ourselves and spend a little more for brunch.

As the name suggests, Rashays is a casual dining family restaurant with locations all over Sydney.

Our local Rashays opens at around 9am and we always grab a booth by the window so that I can soak up the sun and lounge on the comfy couches.

The interior decor is modern and tidy with an orange and white colour scheme in keeping with the restaurant logo.

There are wall mounted tv screens playing classic 80’s and 90’s pop hits which isn’t set so loud that it interrupts the conversation.

The cost of the food is a little high but considering the portion sizes, does offer value for money.

Here’s a sample of what we ordered:

Mega Breakfast
Mega breakfast, AU$23.90
Eggs Benny
Eggs benny with turkey bacon, AU$13.90
Regular sized Mocha, AU$4.90

As you can see the portion sizes justify the price but it’s not something we indulge in often.

Not pictured is the (very) large glass of coke which according the the menu counts as regular size for $5.90.

Overall we are always happy when we dine here. The atmosphere is relaxed and quiet, especially in the mornings which is great for chatting and catching up.

The portion sizes are a plus and the food is generally very good.

The Mega Breakfast in particular is very impressive with its giant mushrooms and tiny side skillet of thinly sliced chorizo.

No bacon in this meal though and on the menu the only “bacon” on offer is the turkey bacon.

The little pot of tomato relish is delicious and is perhaps my favourite thing about that dish.

tomato relish
Tangy tomato relish served with the Mega Breakfast at Rashays Mt Druitt

The eggs benedict is offered with turkey bacon and the smoked salmon version is $1.00 extra.

The presentation is perfect but during this visit the eggs were overdone and it was all served on dense, toasted sourdough which is a pain to cut through.

overcooked eggs
Overcooked poached eggs

For families the only children’s entertainment is colouring books and pencils so for those of you with young ones who get bored easily (like mine) I would suggest bringing something extra to distract them.

Chilling out on a comfy couch with my one and only, soaking up the morning sun and sipping on a good cuppa at Rashays is always a treat for me.

I can happily recommend them for your next lazy Sunday brunch.



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