About Me

I started cooking when I was 8 or 9 years old.

I distinctly remember making a batch of shortbread biscuits from one of my mother’s cookbooks and messing it up completely; the batter was too runny and I left it in the oven too long.

I’m largely a self-taught home cook having relied on cook books, cooking shows and plenty of trial and error to develop my culinary skills.

I fondly remember my disasters more than my successes. There’s no better way to gain wisdom than with experience.

These days with a husband and 2 young children of my own, it always seems like a race to get dinner prepared and on the table in between keeping the house clean, helping the kids with their homework and helping my husband run a home business.

Often meals are quickly thrown together with my eye constantly on the clock.


But that doesn’t mean that I’ve lost the love of creating.

I still enjoy making and eating good food.

In the few moments of free time I have I still find sanctuary in the kitchen.

I still find fun in cooking just for the sake of it.

This collection of recipes is a “mixed bag” of different cooking needs and styles.

Some of the recipes on this site are basic staples such as scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes.

Some of them are dishes that regularly appear on my family table – weeknight mains or easy offerings that satisfy picky eaters and fill the belly after a long day.

Bacon and Egg Pie Inside


Others in this collection are entirely experimental.

Occasionally I’ll just come across a recipe so peculiar I just have to try making it – these are the ones that get the creative juices flowing. These recipes are usually just for fun whether they are a success or not.

I’m not one for fine dining; comfort food is the core of my food philosophy. My cooking needs to be Good to eat. Plain and simple.

I don’t practice calorie-counting or much plate-dressing and I’m not above opening packets and using convenience foods to serve my purposes.

Ultimately it’s not fine but it’s still good dining.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy!

  • Helen V